The Orphan Project

How do you break the cycle of the modern-day orphan? Currently there are around 153 million orphaned children worldwide (UNICEF) due to war, natural disasters, poverty, disease, etc. Many have living parents but have been relinquished because of the inability to financially care for them. In Kansas, 6,124 children are in the system, living without their families; 1,286 are in Sedgwick County alone, more than any other county in Kansas. The vast majority moving through the system simply need a safe, stable family. Less than 1% will ever be adopted. This is a problem.

So how do we care for the remaining 99%? We want to invite you to listen and open your heart during this series about God’s “Plan A” - US, you and me. We were designed to show compassion, and provide support, and our care reflects God’s plan of looking after the most vulnerable among us. By extending our hearts and resources, we could break the modern-day orphan cycle by fulfilling a sacred duty and contributing to building a world where every child feels valued and cherished.

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