Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you mean when you say you are a “Christian based” program?

    Kids Day Inn is a ministry of Pathway Church. We teach the Bible as the Word of God and tell the children about Jesus! Our program is based on Christian principles and we approach everything from this perspective. The Kids Day Inn curriculum features a “Bee Attitude” each month; we will have a Bible story and a memory verse each day to support the current month’s theme. Many churches are represented here at Kids Day Inn and we welcome each one. You do not have to be a member of Pathway Church to attend Kids Day Inn!

  • Are the days the same between Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays? Will my child miss anything by choosing one day over another?

    No. Your child will not miss out on anything by choosing one day over another. Although each teacher develops their own lesson plans, they are all based on the “Bee Attitudes” and will all use the same Bible verse for the month. Your specific teacher’s lesson plans and activities are the same for the entire week. So the children in the Monday class will be learning/doing the same things as those in the Thursday, or Friday class.

  • Is tuition the same for the months when classes are out of session (ie. Christmas, Spring Break, SpecialHolidays, etc.)?

    Yes, tuition is an annual fee that has been divided up into 9 equal monthly payments for your convenience. The days per month will vary due to holidays, etc. but each day (Monday, Thursday, and Friday) will have exactly the same number of days in session for the school year.

  • What are the age requirements to attend Kids Day Inn?

    Kids Day Inn serves children who are 1, 2, or 3 by September 1st of the current school year.

  • Does my child have to be potty trained to attend Kids Day Inn?

    No, your child does not need to be potty trained for this part of our program. Please provide the needed diapering supplies for the day and a change of clothing. Three-year-olds need to be in pull-ups with side tabs or regular underwear. There are no diapers in the three’s classrooms.

  • Are binkies/pacifiers or other comforts items allowed in the classroom?

    For health reasons we do not allow binkies/pacifiers in the classroom. At the beginning of the year, if needed, a child may bring a comfort item (I.E. blanket or stuffed animal) to help with separation anxieties.

  • What is your child to teacher ratio?
    • • There are up to 10 children and 2 adult teachers in our 1 year old class.
    • • There are up to 11 children and 2 adult teachers in our 2 year old class.
    • • There are up to 14 children and 2 adult teachers in our 3 year old class.
  • What does a typical day look like?

    Class begins at 9:15am and ends at 1:15pm. While at Kids Day Inn children will spend time learning about God, singing songs, doing finger plays, creating simple crafts, making new friends, eating lunch together and exercising both body and mind. They will also be introduced to colors, shapes, numbers and nursery rhymes; it is a full day filled with tons of fun! Don’t be surprised if your child is ready for a quiet time when they get home.

  • What is your discipline policy?
    • • Kids Day Inn provides an atmosphere of positive reinforcement for encouragement and correction.
    • • Training (Proverbs 22:6 says to “train up a child in the way he should go…." Redirection Encouraging “Good Choices”
    • • Time out in the “thinking” chair
    • • Biting – child will be excused from class and have to spend the rest of the day at home
  • Is there a nap time?

    No, we do not take naps at Kids Day Inn. If your child is still taking a nap that falls during our class times, you might want to start pushing back that time over the summer break to help them better adjust to their new schedule.

  • Do the children eat lunch while they are at Kids Day Inn?

    Yes, your child will need to bring a “cold type” lunch including a drink (something that keeps well in a lunch box). Please note, Kids Day Inn is a Peanut/Tree Nut Free environment.

  • Do you allow parents in the room?

    Kids Day Inn has an open door policy, however, because of the young age of the children attending our program and the many separation anxieties that come with this age we do not allow parent helpers in the room.

  • How do you handle drop off/pick up?

    We have drop off and pick up at the child’s classroom door. There are several reasons for this:

    • We have a “Drop-off / Pick-up” form that we need you to sign in on daily.
    • We want to get to know you and you will want to get to know us!
    • You will also get to know other parents and their children.
    • We can inform you of things we notice during school: a child that is not quite themself that (maybe getting sick), a situation that has occurred.
    • You can ask brief questions and have them answered immediately!
  • Can anyone pick up my child at the end of preschool?

    We have a permanent permission form in our enrollment packet. This authorizes only specific individuals that you designate to pick up your child. We will always release children to their biological parents unless we are provided with court order documentation. You can add grandparents, aunts/uncles, neighbors, friends, or parents of classmates. On occasion, an unexpected situation might arise in your family where someone that is not on your list will need to pick up your child. Call the Kids Day Inn Office to inform us of the situation and the name of the person that will be picking up. Teachers will check identification at the classroom door before releasing your child.