We are designed to be around others!

Nobody can have too many people in their lives, they make us better! Being together as a group links us with people who share our interests and values and help us grow. In a group, we share, serve, and work together to build life-changing friendships and to bring others in. We truly are Better Together!

Groups Values





Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to know the Bible to join?

    Absolutely not! In a group you can be yourself and don’t have to be anything more. We all have room to grow and strive to do that together.

  • What goes on at a group meeting?

    Groups are built to make friendships and help us grow and care for each other. What goes on will depend on the type of group, but you can expect some social time, time to study scripture, and prayer in any Pathway group.

  • Where do groups meet?

    We have groups all over Wichita and the surrounding area. Some prefer to meet in homes or the church building, others enjoy a coffee shop or another space. Where you meet depends on the group.

  • What do groups study?

    Our groups are built for you to find a focus or interest that fits you. Looking to be a better spouse or parent? There’s a group for that. Needing help or support? We have groups for that too. Select “Join a Group” below to find one for you.

  • What if the group I join doesn’t work for me?

    No judgment. It may take some time to settle into a group, we recommend going 2-3 times to see if it’s right for you. If not, your group leader is happy to help you get connected with another group.